Count on me! is a research-based learnin
Count on me! Logo
Child playing Count on me!
The Twins charachters
Child playing Count on me!
Child playing Count on me!
Map of Numberia, your game field in Coun


Visual identity for the educational app Count on me! that combines research-based learning methods with a fun and exciting adventure game to teach children the most important mathematics skills. 

Count on me! will be launched in a Swedish and an English version in the beginning of this year (2021).

I did:

Logo Design

Visual identity

Brand Manual


Count on me! is an educational app with a scientifically proven effect. The math app is developed from the research of Martin Hassler Hallstedt, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Akribian. 

All game and charachter design by Akribian.

All photos © Akribian.

© 2021 Linnéa Sjöholm / Studio Sjöholm

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