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Cuarto Cine logo + slogan
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Visual identity, logo, graphic design and web design for the film event Cuarto Cine in Helsinki, Finland.

The first edition of Cuarto Cine was arranged in Helsinki in October 2019.


Visual identity

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Web Design

Cuarto Cine proposes a pedagogical program focused on developing audiences’ familiarity with peripheral film culture.  Cuarto Cine aim to highlight Latin-American constellations of film identities and aesthetics; screen films that offer perspectives on marginalized visual expressions; approximate Finnish audiences with a wide variety of cultural and cinematic narratives.

Organized by Cinemaissí, the Latin American Film Festival in Helsinki. Film curator: Diego Ginartes. Producers: Diego Ginartes & Camila Rosa.

Cuarto Cine posters
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